10 Ways to Reduce Food Waste at School

If you’re looking for ways to reduce food waste in your school cafeteria, you’re on the right track. Here are 10 ways you can start today. First, consider what goes down the trash can. While food is typically the largest category of waste, other types of waste can also contribute to school cafeteria trash. By tracking how much food is being discarded, you can develop a plan that will help reduce the amount of waste your school generates.

Another effective way to decrease food waste is to pickle or can extra carrots or apples. While this may seem like a wasteful method, it will help you get a long-lasting treat without wasting food. Instead of rummaging through bins of apples, you can pickle or can these foods to give them a long-lasting treat. In addition, many people toss out “ugly” produce that has little or no nutritional value. This is wasteful because it will be rejected in favor of more appealing produce. This practice has led major grocery chains to purchase only picture-perfect fruit and vegetables.

Another way to reduce food waste at school is by composting. Composting is a last resort and should be the last resort. But, if you aren’t able to compost the food in your school, there are many other ways to reduce food waste at school. One way to compost food waste in school is to donate it to a local charity or non-profit organisation. You can also set up a swap shop where you collect unwanted items from students and donate them to worthy causes.

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