Escondido Rodent Control: Why It is Not Easy to Eliminate Mice

Getting rid of mice is hard for a lot of reasons. They are resourceful and more clever than other pests. Regardless of how clean your house is, it can be infested with mice. These rodents get into your house for warmth, food, and safety. However, mice do not want to be bothered, so they run away from humans whenever they have the chance. Also, they leave their feces and urine anywhere and chew through whatever they can. Because of the possible risks associated with mice, homeowners should take Escondido rodent control steps.  

Evaluating the Issue

Mice could have entered your house accidentally. However, if they take up residence, you will deal with an infestation. Signs of mice infestation include chew marks on walls and food packages, droppings, foul smell, and scratching noises usually heard during the night. Even if you find a mouse or two initially, it won’t take long for the population to rise. 

Often, you will know a mouse is in your house through your pet’s increased activity in a certain area. If you discover a huge infestation, you will notice a stale odor that comes from this area indicating an active population. 

Some signs indicate the population’s size. If you find the mice just at night, they probably may still be small and can be managed with bait and traps. But if mice are visible during the day or find different new droppings or gnaw marks, the population may have gotten quite huge and may require the services of a rodent control technician. 

Steps You Can Take

Mice will find ways to enter your house, so you must ensure they will not discover a way in. This can be tricky because these rodents can squeeze through nearly any hole or crack that leads to your house. Search for these kinds of openings around the house. Any openings in which a pencil can fit allow a mouse to enter. 

You can fix outside cracks, gaps, and holes with wire mesh. Openings on the inside can be plugged with caulk or steel wool. Position traps with baits along the walls and in corners. But these traps concentrate on eliminating the mice that have invaded your house.

Getting Help from the Pros

Dealing with mice by yourself can turn into a headache. There may not be much you can do to control the issue. If you notice a few mice inside your house, contact a pest control expert immediately. This way, you won’t have to deal with these unwanted visitors again. 

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