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Four Common Resume Mistakes

The most obvious mistake a resume maker can make is adding too much information. There is a rule of thumb: the length of a resume should be one page. Your previous jobs and hobbies should be kept to a minimum. Don’t list your hobbies unless they directly relate to the job. You can also skip past jobs if you don’t need them for the position. The best way to keep the length of your resume under one page is to format your resume appropriately.

Too much jargon and acronyms are a major resume mistake. While industry buzzwords and acronyms are common, you do not have to incorporate them into your resume. Incorporating industry jargon in your resume is acceptable, but only if you’re sure that hiring managers will understand the meaning of the words. Including too much jargon in your resume makes you look desperate. Therefore, it’s important to follow instructions and proofread thoroughly before submitting.

Too much information can be overwhelming to a hiring manager. If your resume is too long, the hiring manager may feel overwhelmed, which is a major strike against you. It’s also tempting to list every single accomplishment on your resume. Remember that the hiring manager has a limited amount of time to read your resume. Having more than one page to read your resume is counterproductive, and it’s better to mention them during the interview.

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