How Discrimination Affects the Mental Wellbeing of an Employee?

With discrimination cases on the rise, we can always think about such incidents in the workplace. It not only affects an employee but also all the employees working in the same office. It is not wrong to state that the company gets affected adversely even with one incident. Therefore, any company prefers hiring an Austin employment discrimination lawyer so that such cases are handled properly and the employee gets justice. It prevents discrimination litigation to a great extent. Discrimination can refer to harassment based on race, color, religion and originality.

How discrimination affects the mental health of an employee

It is vital to understand what an employee undergoes if he has even been harassed based on his physical appearance or nationality. Some of these lasting effects are explained below:

Mental disorders

It has been observed that a person may start to have mental illness including depression, mood swings, panic attacks, sleep disorders and anxiety as a result of discrimination in the workplace. All these issues get worsen with time. To handle them, the case must be resolved in the first place so that the employee gets peace of mind.

Lower productivity

If an employee has been harassed based on his color and nationality, he will start to show a lack of interest in his work. It has also been observed that his self-confidence and esteem will get affected badly and he will start to doubt himself while working in the office. All of these factors can result in lower productivity at the workplace. Even if he has the capability and skills to perform his job perfectly, he may not be able to do so.

Social life

If a person is depressed and lost his self-confidence already, he will not be able to make many friends. It can ultimately make him more depressed and anxious. Even the study shows that we need to have friends and active social life for good mental health. Discrimination can make a person alone and confused all the time.

Unable to make the right decision

When a person losses his confidence, he will not be able to make any decision properly in the workplace or in his life. Therefore, such incidents should be handled properly in the first place.

These days, discrimination lawyers can easily be hired who can make you aware of your legal rights if you have faced such a scenario in the workplace. 

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