How Do I Decide Between Raleigh and Charlotte For Tech Jobs?

Whether you’re looking for a job in the technology industry or just want to live in a beautiful city, the debate about where to live is ongoing. While both Raleigh and Charlotte have some advantages, there are some differences between them that should help you decide. These differences include a high concentration of tech and finance jobs, a laid-back community, and a low crime rate. For those who aren’t tech and finance whiz kids, a move to the Carolinas might be your best option. If you want to live in one of these cities, you may want to consider a university.

The costs of living in both cities are comparable. Although Charlotte has a more metropolitan feel, it’s more cerebral, high-tech, and has more universities and educational institutions. Charlotte’s average commute time is only 23 minutes long, while Raleigh’s is 25 minutes. The public transit systems in both cities are relatively similar, but you’ll need a car in Raleigh to make long commutes.

Charlotte and Raleigh are surrounded by research centers and major government firms. In fact, Raleigh ranked third in the 2017 ranking from CompTIA, a nonprofit trade group. Raleigh fell behind Austin, Texas, and Austin has several large tech-related expansions. But despite these differences, there are many things to love about both cities. It’s important to consider the costs and the lifestyles of both cities, as well as their potential to attract tech talent.

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