How to Dress a Stylish Woman

While following some general rules of style can help a woman create an individualized look, it is important to listen to her own instincts and personal tastes. Putting emphasis on a certain part of the body, such as the arms, can create a win-win situation. A short dress, for example, can look fantastic when paired with a voluminous skirt. If the stockings are bright, young fashionistas can sport them. However, women over forty should stick to neutral colors and muted stockings.

Styled women are comfortable and stylish. They pay attention to details, such as their nails. Chipped or cracked nails don’t give off the right message. And they stick to their own personal style, rather than a trend. Organizing their closets is a key component of achieving a chic, stylish look. Styled women keep their clothes organized and wear them with care. Even if they may have to buy new clothes, they still make sure to have enough space to keep them organized.

Style is timeless. Think about what the most famous style icons wore. Audrey Hepburn’s “little black dress” and Coco Chanel’s pantsuits are classic examples. Styled women have a foundation of key pieces in their wardrobes and borrow from current trends as needed. They also experiment with different colors and textures and find outfit combinations that work for their body type. This can make an outfit stand out without requiring a lot of thought.

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