How to Dress Simple But Stylishly

You may wonder how to dress simple but stylishly. Well, you can follow the rules of Zoe Kravitz and consider her look as your inspiration. However, if you are in doubt about what to wear, consider what the co-founder of J Brand says. In his words, “every jean counts.” In other words, every jean must be “the one.” In other words, you must have a good edit of jeans in your wardrobe.

The key to a simple and classy wardrobe is to stick to simple yet classic pieces that flatter your figure. Stay away from trendy cuts or busy prints. Instead, opt for basics and wear them with the right accessories to add a unique touch to your looks. Also, do not overdo it with accessories. Wearing simple but elegant clothing will make you look sexy without going overboard.

The 3-color rule states that you should not wear more than three colors in an outfit. However, black and white are exceptions to the rule. For example, Kendall Jenner, who attended the Met Gala five years ago, wore a casual outfit. You can even add a hat to your ensemble. Just make sure you are careful not to overdo it because it will not look good. If you have a small frame, wear a wide brimmed hat or a French beret. These hats are a fun way to add style to any outfit.

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