Is KuCoin Legit?

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange and has over eight million users worldwide. It offers advanced order types, futures trading, lending, and charting. However, it does not support fiat currencies. To trade with KuCoin, you must first buy USDT (USDT tokens) using a credit card or third-party bank transfer. If you choose to use a credit card, you must be prepared to pay a trading fee of 0.1%.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, KuCoin allows users to make anonymous small trades, although you need to provide your identity in order to make larger trades. However, new users must fund their account with fiat currency in order to start trading on KuCoin. Upon successful verification, you can exchange your fiat currency for cryptos. Lastly, you can request for additional services, such as a personal digital assistant or a translator.

KuCoin is a relatively new exchange with an interesting growth story. It received an Angel Investment in early August and is pumping out updates on a regular basis. While it may be a little early to judge its credibility, its team seems well-put-together, with fancy headshots. In other words, the team at KuCoin is professional, reputable, and dedicated to keeping its customers satisfied. It’s hard to go wrong with a cryptocurrency exchange whose security measures are so strong, but there’s no reason to be wary of them.

Compared to other crypto exchanges, KuCoin is one of the most affordable. Deposit fees are free, although there are network fees associated with paid-in cryptocurrencies. Withdrawals, however, are generally charged, though withdrawal fees depend on the type of cryptocurrency. In addition to its low fees, KuCoin offers high anonymity. In fact, many users claim that KuCoin is “a safe and secure place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.”

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