JioSaavn is the Indian online music streaming cfcnet  service

JioSaavn is the Indian online music streaming cfcnet  service. It is a digital music distributor that offers a wide selection of music in many languages. Founded in 2007, Saavn has acquired the rights to over 8.0 crore tracks of Indian music. The company’s content is available in over 15 languages. The company recently launched a free trial of its service. To get started, you can download the app from the App Store.

Currently, Saavn has more than 9 million users globally and is adding twelve thousand new subscribers every month. Compared to last year, subscriptions to Saavn have increased by 25%. The app is popular among mobile users with two million members connecting through Facebook. The app has over one million downloads per day and is downloaded by two million people. For each song streamed, Saavn generates more than one billion impressions on Facebook.

Saavn has won multiple awards for its original programming. It has even turned into a record label, releasing some of the biggest recent Indian and similarnet  South Asian records, including Bom Diggy by Zack Knight. Saavn also has partnered with JioMusic, one of India’s biggest music streaming services. JioMusic has the largest catalog of HD songs in 20 languages. It is currently the fastest growing music streaming app in India.

JioSaavn is a free music streaming service that gives users access to millions of tracks. JioSaavn also offers radio, podcasts, and specially curated playlists. JioSaavn’s service also supports more than forty languages, including Hindi. The app also supports Bengali, English, Gujarati,  newsurl  Malayalam, Bhojpuri, and Urdu.

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