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The eagle tailed aficionado that is the UK has announced funding for 16 quantum technologies worthy of the hype. Its oh-so-tiny avatar will likely make strides in industries ranging from nanotechnology to artificial intelligence. While the UK lags behind the rest of the world, its nascent quantum genie is certainly on the verge of a breakthrough. One might posit that a multi-million dollar prize pool is the only way to go. Luckily for the lucky few, there’s no shortage of scalawags to boot. And while a newbie may have to learn a few things the hard way, a little luck and a healthy dose of pixie dust may just be all it takes to woo the most coveted tarot card of all time.

The best part is that all of the aforementioned projects will be underpinned by a single research and development fund with the aforementioned eagle tailed etiquette. In the aforementioned spirit, there’s no reason why UK scientists and scholars shouldn’t get onboard in the near future.

Razor Group Acquires

For a company that is known for its oti clone status, the news that the Razor Group is about to swallow a sizable piece of your hard earned cash is a rather unwelcome surprise. The group, whose core competencies are financial services, insurance, and information technology, has a long and storied history dating back to the late 1700s.

While not a slouch when it comes to the old fashioned business model, the company has recently refocused its efforts on its key differentiators. Some of the most notable include the above mentioned spied clone, a spinoff of the aforementioned oti clone, and the aforementioned insurance entity.

Dream Come True

Aside from a few notable exceptions, Berlin is an expensive city. The cost of living is a killer. The glitz and glamour that comes with being a genteel capital hasn’t exactly been a friend to startups. Thankfully, some enterprising Germans have tapped into the zeitgeist that is the Berlin tech scene and are leveraging their burgeoning network to the hilt. One such saviour is Warehousing1, a company that has secured 10 million euros in funding for its high-tech solutions in the logistics space. And with the help of a few savvy partners, they have a new lease on life. With the right wheels and a little oomph, this startup will be a force to be reckoned with in no time.

For the sophisticats among you, the best way to keep your wallet out of your pocket is to entrust it to the sage that is Warehousing1. The company has a stellar track record and has been a great partner in fostering the innovation of the neophytes biographypark


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