Parking Lot Components

There are many parking lot components. Each one is important. The following article will cover some of them. A parking lot gate is a crucial piece of the puzzle. The gate is connected to the access control module 14. This control module allows it to open and close the gate. In one configuration, the gate is always open; however, the gate cannot be closed while a vehicle is parked in the lot. The other configuration, however, has the gate closed.

Gate control is one of the key components of a parking lot gate system. It uses inexpensive wires to capture images of the parking lot. The system also has a way to allow customers to quickly obtain their access documents. The gate system can also be connected to a computing device via an Internet network. The gate controller also has the capability of recording the movement of the gate. Alternatively, the gate can be connected to a security system to monitor unauthorized vehicles.

The access control system includes an LCD 20 for controlling most of the system’s components. This unit also contains a microphone for receiving the customer’s voice and two speakers to play sound from the attendant. The access control system can also include an external telephone network that connects the attendant phone and the master telephony module. The MTM serves as a connection between the two networks. While these are merely two parts of a parking lot, they can be used to track the location of any vehicle parked within the parking lot.

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