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The VC firm of the same name has raised over $950 million in less than two years, making it one of the most successful venture firms in the nascent industry in Andreessen Horowitz. In its short lifetime, the firm has participated in some of the most prestigious deals in recent history, including the Coinbase and WeWork mega rounds. Its assets under management now exceed $18 billion, and the company has 18 investment professionals on board.

Focused on cryptocurrencies

Andreessen Horowitz has a slew of tech aces in its stable, with a portfolio that includes Skype, Foursquare, Zynga and many more. The company also made the headlines when it acquired a stake in the uber-financially-challenged Coinbase, giving the company the best foot forward when it comes to navigating the murky waters of the crypto universe. A couple months ago, Andreessen Horowitz announced the launch of a new $2.2 billion investment fund focused on cryptocurrencies.

Currently, the firm is a minority shareholder in Coinbase, and has acquired a number of other companies in the space, including two startups that have already made their debut. However, the firm’s real strength is its ability to identify and nurture top-notch talent. Earlier this year, it added the namesake Kathryn Haun to its roster of female partners, marking the first time the firm has been led by a woman.

A hundred million

For instance, Andreessen Horowitz has invested in the likes of fab, Foursquare, Skype, and Zynga, while acquiring a bevy of other eminently successful startups along the way. Fab in particular has raised more than a hundred million dollars over the past few months, and its mobile app has garnered praise from some of the world’s most successful tech execs. With the help of Andreessen Horowitz’s slew of industry stalwarts, the future looks bright for the company. As for the company itself, Andreessen Horowitz has recently revamped its marketing, rebranding its name from Aventures Investec, and announced that it will be relocating its Menlo Park offices to Los Angeles.

While it’s still too early to tell if Andreessen Horowitz’s fumbles will be sorted out in the near term, there’s no denying the firm’s acumen, which is why it has landed a few of the most high-profile deals of the past decade. The firm’s marquee execs have a knack for identifying and nurturing talent, which is a great thing to have in a crowded field.

Silicon Valley Start-Up

Most would have been a bit daunted by the task of designing a logo for a startup company in the heart of silicon valley. Fortunately, the company’s chief executive, Andrew Ko, is an aficionado of the tech world. While the company has had its share of tumult, Ko’s commitment to a winning business plan has ensured a smoother ride. In fact, the company is now valued at over $100 million.

To boot, Ko has managed to land a coveted spot on the company’s board of directors. Aside from the aforementioned chief, the company also has a strong line of talent in the form of its chief technology officer, a man who is a true geek filmik.

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