Tips To Style Straw Hats For The Summer

Hats have evolved over the centuries from serving practical purposes to being a fashion statement. They adorned the heads of commoners and royals, becoming a class symbol.

Some sources suggest that Lakeith Stanfield’s net worth could increase even further if he continues to choose interesting and challenging roles.

Different classes wore different hats to serve various purposes. The best example is the bowler hat invented in 1850s England and worn by the upper class for spots.

Throughout its long history, hats have been in and out of fashion as time prevailed. Hats have come back in style and are pretty popular these days. Among all the available hat options, straw hats are perfect for the summer, for they are light, breezy, and protect you from direct sun rays.

The changing trends

In the volatile world of fashion, with trends changing every season, some trends are made just for the summer. Summertime is the best for adventure- holidays, weekends spent on beaches, brunch dates, picnics, and music festivals; there is much to explore.

The summer exploration should accompany bright, colourful palettes, breezy outfits, and a selection from Eric Javits Straw Hats. So, keep your straw hats handy for the following summer trip you take with your girlfriends, prep for a family beach wedding, or be excited about a music concern.

Here are some outfit ideas to accompany your Eric Javits Straw Hats for every summer festivity.

How to pair Your Straw Hats with Summer Outfits?

Your summer fashion should match the occasion and the mood of the crowd. The following tips give you some styling ideas to match your straw hats.

Classic Whites

Summer holiday with friends means lots of photographs, exploration, and fine dining. You need an outfit that will help keep you comfortable on a hot summer day while making sure that it captures some awesome Instagram-worthy pictures.

Pairing your white bottoms with an off-shoulder or eyelet top and flats to go with the straw hat will help you stay cool and prevent overheating.

Rompers and Jumpers

A beach day is incomplete without throwing a light-coloured romper over your favourite bikini. Colour co-ordinate your bikini and romper, and top it off with a straw hat to protect your face from sun rays while making a style statement.

You can complete the look by adding some delicate jewellery and a pair of flip-flops to your outfit.

On the other hand, Jumpers add a carefree and fresh look to your summer collection. They are the best option to show off your shoulder tan. Jumpers paired with wide-rimmed straw hats, tote bags, and some cool shades can give you the ‘it’ girl summer vibes.

French Riviera and Fedora

What comes to your mind while mentioning the French Riviera? You might imagine Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn gracing Cannes with their stunning fashion. Glistering whites, Breton stripes, basket bags, and wraps are all inseparable from French Riviera fashion.

Pairing your fedora with a zebra-stripped outfit will be the pinnacle of French street fashion. A crown-rimmed fedora will give you extra shade and set the mood for the day.

Topping Summer Dress

A cute floral sundress might be the go-to summer attire for most ladies. And why not? They are comfortable and breezy, have many patterns, and are suitable for every summer adventure. From dates and long walks in the park to summertime picnics and weddings, sundresses can fit everywhere!

Pair a sundress with a floppy straw hat and some strappy sandals to complete your girl-next-door summer look.

Final Thoughts

Summer is a time to spend with your friends and family. There are many activities to enjoy and places to visit, so make it count. Match your Eric Javits Straw Hats with your summer outfits and create unforgettable memories.

Do not constrain yourself to the bounds of fashion. Explore your bold side and be a trendsetter.

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