Top Care Tips For Someone With Myopia

Myopia, or shortsightedness, is an eye condition that is caused due to longer-than-usual axial length. As a result, far-off objects will seem to appear blurry or unclear. Genetics is partly to blame for this condition since kids who develop Myopia usually have parents with the same condition.

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However, the onset of Myopia also depends upon your immediate environment. For instance, during the 1950s, men who used to work in ships’ engine rooms generally ended up Myopic. Since they spend so much time without having to focus on anything far, they become near-sighted.

So, Myopia control is a must if you also have the condition. This is the only way to improve the condition of your eyes. Read on to know more.

Top tips for Myopia patients

More than half (i.e., 54%) of Australians have a permanent eye condition in some way or another. A chunk of these Aussies is Myopic. If you are one of them, here are some of the top care tips for a myopic patient:

1. Make changes to your workstation

If you have Myopia, then it is recommended to upgrade your workstation accordingly. Higher-resolution monitors can cause a lot of strain on your eyes, so focusing on them for long work hours can worsen your condition.

If you feel the strain on your eyes while working, swap your monitor for a lower-resolution one. Or maybe you want to use more than one window at once to reduce the load on a single screen. In this case, you can start using a secondary monitor as well.

Furthermore, if the screen is very close to your eyes, it will be challenging to focus for an extended time. So, keep the screen at least 25 inches away from your eyes. Moving the screen from a position of 16 inches to 25 inches will reduce 40% the load on your eyes.

2. Take constant breaks while performing any intensive task

If you have been diagnosed with Myopia, you must take regular work breaks. Focusing on something close to your eyes for a long time will worsen your ability to see far-off objects.

The human eye hasn’t been designed to focus on a screen or monitor for about 10 hours daily. As a rule, make it a point to take a break every 20 minutes and stare at an object that is 20 feet far for 20 seconds. This will help you keep your Myopia in check.

3. Keep a pair of eyeglasses handy as well

If you use contact lenses daily, you must also have a pair of eyeglasses handy. You might need to remove your lenses from time to time since your eyes might get red, leading to blurry vision.

Also, your eye muscles will take more effort to focus while wearing contacts than glasses. So, let your eyes relax a bit by switching to eyeglasses once in a while.

Wrapping up

Living with Myopia can get tedious, and you constantly need lenses or sunglasses. Since you won’t be able to see far-off signs and objects clearly, driving and other day-to-day activities can get cumbersome.

Hence, make sure you practice efficient Myopia control with the tips mentioned above and improve the overall condition of your eyes. Inculcate these habits in your daily routine to eventually try and get rid of your Myopia.

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